Blog Post: Breaking News! Man becomes pregnant for 48 hours!

Male seahorses are able to become pregnant, now it’s my turn!

As part of the ‘Yikes my Girlfriend’s Pregnant’ podcast I undertake challenges to better understand what my long suffering missus is going through. For my next challenge and to raise money for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, I will be wearing a pregnancy suit for 48 hours straight, starting on Saturday 23 May 2015. I’ll be eating in it, sleeping in it…doing whatever challenges I am set in it!

Throughout this highly embarrassing experience videos will be captured and later posted online for all to enjoy! Please sponsor me, whether it’s 1p, £1 or £1000 – everyone who donates is eligible to suggest a challenge I must undertake whilst wearing the suit. I will try to complete as many of them as possible during the 48 hours.

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