Is this the next great family car?

On a balmy summers day last month, I was invited to a top secret location by Fiat to make the largest unboxing video YouTube had ever seen!

Upon arrival, I was ushered in to a hanger where I was greeted by a cardboard monolith. With vim, verve and the help of a Stanley knife, I sliced through the tape to reveal what lies within. If you are a fan of suspense thrillers, you can watch the unboxing below.

Surprise! Having experienced the same rush one feels when they win pass the parcel, I was greeted by the brand new Fiat Tipo Hatchback. Having already released in mainland Europe, the car has garnered much admiration from the car press, having won the Autobest 2016.

The Tipo comes in three models, the Easy, Easy Plus and Lounge Model. The model featured in the video is the Lounge. What impressed me most about this car is the sheer amount of features that come as standard on the basic Easy model. For just £12,995 you get everything listed below:

fiat stats

The Fiat Tipo is also considered best in class for rear passenger seat leg room, it easily accommodates five adults and has a generous 440-litre boot capacity. That is the same amount of space offered by three Princess Paddling Pools. I was genuinely surprised at how much I could still stretch out when the drivers seat was pushed right back.

In addition there are an additional 9 handy storage compartments hidden around the car. Everywhere I turned I kept bumping in to another storage nook or cranny.

your questions answered bigger

Now I have a family of my own, safety has become my top priority to ensure little Roman is appropriately protected. The Easy Plus model offers adaptive cruise control to keep you a safe distance from the car in front and rear parking sensors. Full brake control is also available, which means the car will brake automatically in an emergency. As with all new cars, every model allows for Isofix car seats, to ensure your little one remains secure.

For more information on some of the features listed and to spend more time inside the car – check out my extended look.

Although the new Tipo is packed with features at a great price, the interior feels a little simple looking – lacking the razzmatazz of say, the Fiat 500. Equally, whilst the car looks fine, it’s outward design is not likely to turn many heads or elicit any gasps from nearby pedestrians. But that is really not the point of the Tipo. This car is designed to offer an affordable package, complete with a wide range of features, that can easily meet the needs of a family of 5. For this very reason, I am happy to give it the Yikes stamp of approval.

Rating 4/5

This is a paid for advertisement, but an honest opinion.

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